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Stampede Prayers – Rodeo Art

I now have available prints of “Stampede Prayers”.

Cox Robin Stampede Prayers


A black and white BIRO (ballpoint pen) Drawing/Illustration of a Rodeo Flag Carrier by the BIRO artist Robin Cox of Western Reflectionz.

The reference photo was from a picture that I took at the Idaho Stampede.

One day before the unveiling “Goose” the beautiful palomino Paint passed away.


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The Barrel Racer

Cox Robin The Barrel Racer

I am finally getting geared up and will be adding more of my work as I go.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

The Barrel Racer is drawn on a mixed media acid free paper with a black ball point pen. The art form is called BIRO.

The Barrel Racer Artist Proof

“The Barrel Racer Artist Proof” is now available for purchase. I only offer one artist proof for my work, so it will be a 1 of 1.


Also available is the original drawing.

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