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New Work in Progress.. needs a name

I started my next BIRO piece this weekend. Working from a photograph that I took at the slack during the Snake River Stampede.

Currently I have 4.5 hours of time into this piece.


Work In Progress

This piece does need a name, if you folks have any good ideas, post a comment.


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Collaborating with my Bestie

Sometimes… girls just wanna have fun!

This weekend, my best friend and Abstract Artist Angela Stout from Paintings by AKS got together and “played”.

We had soooo much fun coming up with ideas, working on those ideas….

from that we got this awesome picture!


Angela created the beautiful abstract background and I drew the BIRO (ballpoint pen) part. We did several… in a couple different ways. This one is my favorite.



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Quiet Reflectionz

A photograph I took while on an Artist Retreat in Elgin, Oregon. Met a fantastic photographer there that gave me some great tips, Patricia Knight, Patlee as the Indians call her.QuietReflectionz

I believe it’s not often that you can get a picture like this. A black horse standing on the edge of a pond with its reflection in the ponds soft ripples.

I had been trying for a couple of days to get pictures of the 4 horses around this pond. We had went to learn how to dig up rock onions the Native American way. I also grabbed a couple of pictures of two Cayuse Indian Ponies. While looking at those pictures on the way back to the cabin, my best friend, Angela said get the picture! I jumped out of the truck and got a couple of pictures before this horse walked away.

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