About Western Reflectionz Art . . . .

My most popular artworks are:

Mirror Etchings – My mirror etchings, completely done by hand with a diamond-tip Dremel. These are unique one of a kind etchings. I do not use the acid or laser techniques.

BIRO – Meaning use of ballpoint pen. My new favorite medium.

I usually draw/paint/etch horses and wildlife. Once in a great while I will do people, abstracts, dragons or unicorns.

You can find some of my original artwork at the NfiniT Art Gallery, downtown Boise, Idaho. I was fortunate enough to find a great artist family there.
You can stop by and visit with the artists on 1st Thursday (every first Thursday of the month). And if you are lucky you will find me working on something, Saturday mornings out in front of the gallery. Stop by and say hi!

Don’t forget to stop by my website at www.westernreflectionz.com.

You can also find my artwork and photography on popular products such as mugs, shirts, cell phone cases, etc

Western Reflectionz Store

Flowerz n Stuff Store

Into the Jungle Store

Dragon Dreamz Store


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